What is Meshtastic?

Meshtastic® is a project that lets you use inexpensive ($30 ish) GPS radios as an extensible, long battery life, secure, mesh GPS communicator. These radios are great for hiking, skiing, paragliding - essentially any hobby where you don’t have reliable internet access. Each member of your private mesh can always see the location and distance of all other members and any text messages sent to your group chat.

The radios automatically create a mesh to forward packets as needed, so everyone in the group can receive messages from even the furthest member. The radios will optionally work with your phone, but no phone is required.

Note: Questions after reading this? See our new forum.


Youtube video demo


Not all of these features are fully implemented yet - see important disclaimers below. But they should be in by the time we decide to call this project beta (three months?)

This project is currently in beta testing but it is fairly stable and feature complete - if you have questions please join our discussion forum.

This software is 100% open source and developed by a group of hobbyist experimenters. No warranty is provided, if you’d like to improve it - we’d love your help. Please post in the forum.

Beginner’s Guide

For an detailed walk-through aimed at beginners, we recommend meshtastic.letstalkthis.com.

Telegram group for Italy-based users t.me/meshtastic_italia (Italian language, unofficial).
Telegram group for Russian-based users t.me/meshtastic_russia (Russian language, unofficial).


Note: Updates are happening almost daily, only major updates are listed below. For more details see our forum.

Meshtastic Android app

Our Android application is available here:

Download at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geeksville.mesh

The link above will return older more stable releases. We would prefer if you join our alpha-test group, because the application is rapidly improving. Three steps to opt-in to the alpha- test:

  1. Join this Google group with the account you use in Google Play.
  2. Go to this URL to opt-in to the alpha test.
  3. If you encounter any problems or have questions, post in our forum and we’ll help.

If you’d like to help with development, the source code is on github.

The app is also distributed for Amazon Fire devices via the Amazon appstore: Amazon appstore link

Supported hardware

We currently support two brands of radios. The TTGO T-Beam and the Heltec LoRa 32. Most people should buy the T-Beam and a 18650 battery (total cost less than $35). Also, the version of the T-Beam we link to is shipped with Meshtastic preinstalled by TTGO, so you don’t have to install it yourself.

Make sure to buy the frequency range which is legal for your country. For the USA, you should buy the 915MHz version. Getting a version that include a screen is optional, but highly recommended.

Instructions for installing prebuilt firmware can be found here.

For a nice looking cases:


For a listing of currently missing features and a FAQ click here.